First Time Always Hurts

Throughout my life, I’ve had several people telling me to do something with my writing. So this is my humble attempt at sharing with people my short stories, observations, rants, and photos of what goes through my head. At the end of the day, we are all specks of dust, searching for our purpose, as we navigate through the Earth. So…here we go…


Caged Beauty

Disclaimer: No animals and/or human beings were harmed during this experience.

This past weekend I was afforded the opportunity to take in a tour of the Kowiachobee Animal Preserve. I was up close and personal with some familiar animals-horses, ponies, domesticated cats, and a few hogs. There was even an albino peacock…didn’t see that coming.

Now I been to the zoo before, so I’ve seen zebras, lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my. But, being this close to those majestic beautiful felines and their raw powerful energy, you are quickly reminded just how mortal and fragile you are. Thank God for the cages. If this were a safari, well let’s just say, well I wouldn’t be saying anything.

Enjoy the pictures. I’ll post more in the coming days.

This Is Us…(A Frosty Noir Or-an-ge Tale)

Noir: Hello, there. As promised, I told you all that I would explain the beginning of Or-an-ge’s “falling out of love with the Queen.”

Or-an-ge: Oh, blame me why don’t you.

Noir: Noted.

Frosty: Well, look at you and your fancy English.

Noir: Focus!

Or-an-ge: Who is she yelling at?

Noir: Sigh.

Frosty and Or-an-ge: (mocking Noir) Sigh.

Noir: I’m ignoring you two. Anyway, this is what happened.

Or-an-ge: Shouldn’t I be telling the story? I mean I am the brains behind the operation.

Noir: Fine, go on.

Or-an-ge: First let me preface the story with this. Our misses, the Queen is a lovely caregiver. We’re well fed (albeit once a day), we’re given distilled water to drink, not tap. We have free range of the house, the front porch, the lanai, and occasionally when we scamper out of the house to her displeasure, we have the outdoors. She of course scoops us up in her arms, and reminds us about not running out towards the street- in fear of us getting run over by a car, or being a meal for some large birds that fly over head. We of course avoid eye contact when being lectured, and pretend we see something of interest on the ground. We’re a cat, so we’re rewarded with nice toys (although we do hear the Queen complain about the selection of cat toys compared to dogs, but I digress) but we like simple things-tennis balls, boxes, paper, and water bottle tops. Well I do anyway.

Frosty: I like the laser…

Noir: Noooo, we don’t…The laser pointer is evil.

Frosty: Oh, you’re so lazy, it’s exercise…

Noir: We always crash into the wall.

Frosty: He he…my bad.

Or-an-ge: You two finished? Anyway, the Queen surprised us one day with a cat tree. 

my palace

Noir: Aren’t I beautiful?

Frosty: Girl, you really think it’s all about you huh?

Or-an-ge: Sigh…idiots…anyway, Noir was all about this cat tree. I was ambivalent about it. Like I stated earlier, I like simple things. Noir has more lavish tastes, and Frosty…

Frosty: I like laser…

Or-an-ge: Frosty is special to say the least. Long story short, this cat tree wasn’t utilized by us enough for the Queen’s liking, and after about a year or so when she was redecorating her house, she gave it away. 

Noir: Totally not my fault.

Or-an-ge: You can blame me on this one.

Noir: Show them our new place.

time out box

Noir: Oh, the horror…

Or-an-ge: Oh, calm down. I managed to get us back in the bed didn’t I?

Frosty: At her feet.

Or-an-ge: We’re a cat. We like feet. Anyway, it beats being near her head.

Noir: Why, is it less tempting for you not to suck the life from her?

Or-an-ge: No, she snores.

(To be continued..)


Mood Right Now…

I'm Shy

Noir: It’s Sunday and all I want to do is sleep. Why is the misses insisting on shoving a camera in my face with the flash on. I could do with you humans sometimes, I really could.

Frosty: Who would feed us then genius?

Or-an-ge: Why am I the one who is always telling the two of you to hush?


This is my confession…

Maya Angelou was prophetic when she penned “Alone”.

” I came up with one thing
And I don’t believe I’m wrong
That nobody,
But nobody
Can make it out here alone.”

These words ran especially true for me this evening. Not to put too much family business in the air, but my 15 year old nephew has been living with me. I’m a single woman, and raising teenagers is already tough. I remember being that age and thinking the world was suffocating me, and my parents couldn’t possibly understand what I was going through. I try to have talks with him and sometimes I feel he’s receptive, but trying to raise young black boys these days is trying. They already have the odds stacked against them. They have to be cognizant of the unfortunate reality that the world is scared of them. They have to adjust their very nature sometimes in order to make other people feel comfortable around them. It sucks. I’m a black nerd who was told that she wasn’t black enough because I was smart. I’m the black girl who was told she was too articulate and talked “like a white girl.” I had parents and a network of people around me to validate me. I wasn’t ALONE. Some aren’t that fortunate. Tonight as I was trying to communicate to my nephew about the importance of keeping his grades up, I felt somehow that I was lacking. I’m his aunt and I don’t know how he sees me, and sometimes I wonder if he hears me. God not only sees me, but he hears me. I reached out to my brother to have a talk with our nephew. That’s when I saw it. I saw the reaction. It made me realize how young boys NEED a male role model in their lives.


Men can talk to each other in a certain language; my brother came at him straight with no bullshit, no filters, and though patience was able to make a connection that I have been struggling to make. I’ve had talks with my nephew before, but I sense sometimes that I’m not making an impact and it’s frustrating.  I’m not afraid to admit this-I don’t know how to raise kids. I don’t have any. My brother has four boys. He understands the patience of effective communication. He understands how to parent. He knows all the machinations that kids try to pull off with their parents.  He took the time with my nephew and for an hour helped him with this homework. As I’m blogging this, the two of them are still at my dining room table working on Intensive Math Problems. This is where I thank God for the simple blessing of having a team around me. I have my brother. I have my sister. We have our mom. We all have each other. Tonight, I learned the value of teamwork. There’s an old African proverb that states “If you want to go fast, GO ALONE, if you want to go far, GO TOGETHER.” Well nephew, I’m not giving up on you, and like I told him, “Be appreciative of the family he’s in. We swarm around you because we care.” I don’t want him out there ALONE.



Ego Trippin'(A Frosty Noir Or-an-ge Tale)

Noir: Psst! Meow, and greetings! Frosty Noir Or-an-ge here. Sorry, for the delay but I had to wait until the queen was away. Excuse me while I stretch a bit.

I Have A Question

Noir: Oh, that feels wonderful. Oh dear, I stirred up Frosty and Or-an-ge, I’m not going to let them bother me. Now, you’ve seen what I look like, and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What a beautiful specimen!” Well, you’re absolutely right. I’m fabulous!

Frosty: “You hear this Or-an-ge? She’s taking credit for us.”

Or-an-ge: “Sleeping…”

Frosty: “Girl, you are not all that!”

Noir: “Yes, I am, be quiet Frosty!”

Or-an-ge: “Can both of you hush? I’m trying to sleep.”

Noir: “Or-an-ge, we’ve had four naps today.”

Or-an-ge: “Yes, and I’m still tired, sharing space with you two is exhausting.”

Noir: “You’re just jealous of my beauty.”

Frosty: “Noir, you idiot, we’re one cat.”

Noir: “Well, putting up with Or-an-ge and her schemes…the queen is coming, be still. Look cute.”

Look Up

Noir: (Whispering) “Okay, listen…”

Frosty: “Why are you whispering, we’re right here, and the queen can’t hear us.”

Noir: “Well, it’s all Or-an-ge’s fault to begin with.”

Or-an-ge: “Care to explain?”

Noir: “You know why we were yelled at.”

Or-an-ge: “Well…she shouldn’t have did what she did, and I wouldn’t have had you do what you did.”

Frosty: “What?”

Or-an-ge: “I said, well…she shouldn’t have did what she…”

Noir: “Oh, hush you. I will take the blame for the queen being upset with us.”

Or-an-ge: “Just shit in the litter box next time. How hard is that?”

Noir: “I like a fresh box…”

Frosty: “You are so needy. She cleans it daily.”

Noir: “You two excuse yourselves, I need to address my audience…until next time my loves, I’ll explain why the queen is upset with us, and why Or-an-ge is scheming against her. So goodbye for now. The queen is calling us, it’s her bedtime and she wants us at her feet. That’s not a punchline, that is literally where we sleep.” 







Hacked By A Cat?

I stepped away for a second

my phone started blowing up

my friend said I was hacked by a cat?

hacked by a cat? hacked by a cat?

my little angel would never do that?

why is she staring at me like that?

Ouch! Trinity stop biting me…

To Be Continued…





Hacked By A Cat

Laser Focus

Pssst! My master has been sick for two weeks, but she stepped away from her laptop so let me introduce myself quickly. She named me Trinity, something to do with me being a calico, real original I know- but my real name is Frosty Noir Or-an-ge. I’m your typical cat-curious, blasé, indifferent, sassy, selfish, and fab-bu-lous.

I’m not stereotyping all cats, just myself, it may have something to do with my multiple personalities, but more on those later. I hear her coming back, I have to run (or not), but before I go, let me leave you with a photo. I’m not one to be in front of a camera (or am I?), but I like to sit still for a moment so she can fulfill her narcissistic need to share me on social media.

Buh-bye for now.